Solo instruments alone

Thomas Clark: Night Songs (1971)
for trombone alone,
bp3121 performance score $10

Cort Lippe: Solo Tuba Music  (1987) 

for tuba alone, 
text from  
Gravity's Rainbow by Thomas Pynchon, 
recorded on Neuma CDs (450-71), 
bp1122 performance score $12

Michael Matthews:  Fantasy (1984, rev. 1985-86)
for violin alone,
recorded on the CD Jeté - Music for Violin, 
bp4083  performance score $12

Rodney Waschka II: Xuan Men (1991)
for violin alone,
text by the composer,
alone recorded on Centaur CDs (CRC 2193),
bp4101 performance score $12

Solo instruments plus recorded electronic music

Larry Austin: Sonata Concertante  (1984, rev. 1985) 
for pianist & computer music on tape; recorded on Centaur CDs (CRC 2029); bp 1111 score $10; rental: write

Thomas Clark: Peninsula  (1984)
for piano & recorded electronic computer music,
recorded on Centaur CDs (CRC 2029),
bp1091  score $12  tape rental: write

Thomas Clark:  LIGHTFORMS 1: Constellations (1992)
for piano and optional visual projections,
bp1121  performance score  $12 visual projections rental: write

Rodney Waschka II: A Noite, Porém, Rangeu E Quebrou (1989)
(At Night, However, It Creaks and Breaks)
for instrument (of low-pitch range), and recorded electronic computer music, 
recorded on Centaur CDs (CRC 2078),
bp1021  score $8;  rental: write

See also Help Me Remember under Voice. 

Chamber Music

Rodney Waschka II: Last Night (1985, rev. 1990)
for alto saxophone and piano;  recorded on Centaur CDs (CRC 2133)
bp3011 score and part $10

See also Talk(slice):duplex under Voice.

Recorded Electronic Music

Larry Austin: Djuro's Tree (1997)
recorded electronic computer music,
bp XXXX, rental: write

Larry Austin: Shin-Edo:CityscapeSet
Part 1--Rikugien; PartII--Ikebukuro; Part III--Kunitachi (1994)
recorded electronic computer music,
bp4102  rental: write

Larry Austin: Rompido! (1993)
recorded electronic computer music;
bp2121, rental: write

Larry Austin: SoundPoemSet:PaulineOliveros/JerryHunt/MortonSubotnick/ DavidTudor (1990-91)
recorded electronic computer music,
bp4101, rental: write

Thomas Clark: Light Follows Form (1985),
recorded electronic computer music,
bp4081, rental: write

Thomas Clark: LIGHTFORMS 2: Star Spectra (1993)
recorded electronic computer music,
bp4082, rental: write

Rodney Waschka II: Visions of Habakkuk (1986, rev. 1995)
recorded electronic computer music,
bp5051, rental: write


Jerry Hunt: Talk(slice):duplex (1990)
two [human] speakers and two click sources (handheld percussion),
recorded on OO Discs,
bp5091, score $10

Rodney Waschka II: Help Me Remember (1990) 
for performer (voice and handheld percussion), slides, and computer music systems recorded on Centaur CDs (CRC 2170),
bp3091  study score $4;  performance materials rental: write


Larry Austin: Ludus Fractalis (1984)
video composition; bp4103 rental: write

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